Brick Arcade

Brick Arcade

Brick Arcade is an arcade-style brick breaking game.

The goal of Brick Arcade is to unlock and win all 16 levels. To clear a level, move your paddle left and right to deflect the ball and smash all of the bricks. Activate bombs, shields and extra balls to power-up. Collect diamonds, treasure chests, and other bonuses to maximize your score.

There are 3 skill settings per level. Earn stars according to the level of difficulty you select, from 1 star for Normal, to 3 stars for Expert. For an added challenge, completely clear a level to earn an award ribbon. Brick Arcade tracks the top scores and names for each level so you can compete with friends and family to find out who is the Brick Arcade master!

Can you make it to the final board and earn the Brick Arcade Trophy? Get ready for a very unique game for Kindle!


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Price: $1.99

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