Hidato for iPhone

Hidato for iPhone

Puzzle Pack One

Find the Path… Solve the Puzzle!

Hidato is now available for iPhone! If you crave amazingly addictive puzzles on-the-go, Hidato Puzzle Pack 1 is exactly what you need. No good at math? No problem! Hidato is all about logic. Just place down numbers to connect the first and last tile on the board. Sound easy? What if I told you that each puzzle can be solved using 100% logic without making any mistakes or resorting to guessing! It can be a challenge, but solving a puzzle perfectly is a sure way to high scores, fortune, fame, and glory.

Brain Building Logic Puzzles!

A new challenger to the Sudoku throne has arrived! HIDATO, already a worldwide sensation, is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch!

Already found in newspapers, books, magazines, calendars and more, Hidato is fast becoming the hottest puzzle addiction.

With its simple concept and deep strategy, anyone can pick up and play a Hidato Puzzle.

No Math Required

Only pure logic and wit are needed to complete the challenge.

Each Hidato puzzle has a series of numbers on a grid. Your goal is to fill in the remaining numbers that would connect the first and last numbers in sequential order. Find the path and solve the puzzle!

Hidato is sure to provide hours of puzzle action on the go! Enjoy 100 new puzzles to play, with additional puzzle packs on the way. Completing puzzles will earn gold for your treasure room! Go for perfect games to maximize your treasure and score!

Hidato was invented by Dr. Gyora Benedek, a prominent computer scientist from Israel. Dr. Benedek was also the co-creator of the worldwide mega-hit “Lights-Out”.



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Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Price: $1.99

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