KenKen Vol. 1

KenKen Vol. 1

KenKen is a puzzle in which you combine simple math and logic to fill in a grid of numbers.

Presented by New York Times puzzle editor Will Shortz, KenKen is a challenging follow-up to Sudoku. As in Sudoku, KenKen requires that you fill in a grid with numbers without repeating a number in any row or column. In KenKen, you are also shown heavily outlined sets of squares called cages, each of which has a target number and a mathematic operator (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division). The numbers in each cage must combine to produce the target number in the cage using the mathematical operation indicated. Easy cages are made up of one or two squares and are in just one column or row. More difficult cages can cross multiple columns and rows and are made up of many squares, requiring creative thought as you figure out how many different ways you can create the target number with one operator!

KenKen Volume 1 contains 50 puzzles ranging from Easy to Expert, with grid sizes between 3×3 and 9×9. You can use the inline notes feature to help you jot down potential solutions, and if you get stuck, you can always get a hint.

Give your brain a workout and have fun with KenKen!



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