Letter Landers

Letter Landers

Letter Landers is a learning game just for kids.  26 letter-shaped aliens will inspire your child to learn letters and words.  There are 2 modes:

Matching Game
Help clear a landing path.  Flip tiles to search for hidden symbol pairs.  Match all tiles to win.  Once cleared, the aliens will spell a beginner word that focuses on basic letter sounds for early readers.  Advanced players can deduce the bonus word based on which letters are in the puzzle.  There are 3 skill levels, with best times saved for each.

To encourage reading skills, a full 26-page storybook is included.  Each page focuses on a single letter and its sound while telling that alien’s story.

–       Memory skills
–       Letter recognition
–       113 beginner words
–       Reading skills

Perfect for children ages 3 and up, Letter Landers provides a fun way to learn on the go.


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Price: 2.99

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