Product Support

This page contains support info for the following Gamblend Studios games:

  • Games for Amazon Kindle Devices
    • Slingo
    • Letter Landers
    • KenKen Vol. 1 Presented by Will Shortz
    • Poker of the Dead
  • WordJong Blast for Mac
  • WordJong® Daily Challenge (iPhone)
  • Poker Superstars III (iPhone)
  • Hidato Puzzle Packs (iPhone)

For all other games, please check the product readme for support information.

Reporting a Problem

If you experience any problems with one of our games, please submit a bug report to the following email address:

We will do our best to fix all bugs as quickly as possible.

Games for Amazon Kindle Devices

Click here for the Kindle Games support page.

WordJong Blast for Mac

Problems with the “SWIPE” action in Party Mode:

While we work on a fix, to avoid this issue you can “turn off” the sandstorm power-up in the menu:

In the Party set up screens, on the “Game Setup” where you have the choice between “Frantic” and “Round”, there is a “Power-up” button on the bottom.
Click that and disable (uncheck) “Sand-Storm”.  This will prevent that power-up from appearing in the game.

Black screen on game launch:

Press “command+return” when the game is running.  This will force it into window mode.  Click on the game screen to progress.
An update is in development.

WordJong® Daily Challenge

Known Issues

  • Version 1.5 Update – Multitasking Date Sync

Currently when playing, the game will only update the calendar when starting the game.  If the game is running in the background, it will not be able to update the calendar until the app is closed.

Common Questions

1. Can I play puzzles for days before 2009?
Yes! From the calendar screen, swipe backwards to move to previous months. Click on the date you want and press the play button.

2. How come I can’t spell any words that start with ‘Q’?
The dictionary has tons of ‘Q’ words! There has been some confusion because WordJong doesn’t have a single-letter ‘Q’ tile. It only has a two-letter ‘Qu’ tile. Make sure you don’t add an extra ‘u’ into your word!

3. Why can’t I spell some words, like ‘January’?
WordJong, like most word games, does not allow for proper nouns. This means no using names, or words that always appear with a capital letter in a sentence.

4. What if I find a word that is missing from the dictionary?
The WordJong dictionary is very comprehensive, but all word lists can be made better! Please help us by emailing suggestions for future updates to:

Poker Superstars III

Known Issues

If you are encountering issues resuming a game, please try the following:
Note: Before performing any action, sync with iTunes to back up your game.

Option 1 – Start a New Game
If you are able to go to the main menu, select “Start a New Game”.  Note that this will erase your current game data.

Option 2 – Quit the Game
1) From your device home screen, double tap the home button
2) From your active applications on the bottom of the screen, find the icon for Poker Superstars
3) Press the icon for a few seconds until it starts to jiggle
4) Tap the “-” circle on the icon to shut it down
5) Press the home button twice to return to normal mode
6) Relaunch the game

Option 3 – Uninstall/Reinstall the Game
Note: This will erase your game data, gave saves and award progress.
Please make sure to sync with iTunes before performing this operation.

Uninstall the application from your device by:
1) Press the icon for a few seconds until it starts to jiggle
2) Tap the “-” circle on the icon to remove it from your device
3) Re-sync your device to re-install the game

Hidato Puzzle Packs

Known Issues

There are no known issues at this time.